6 Business benefits of a custom designed Facebook page app

In today’s world social media is king in the business sector and companies that utilise Facebook, the ultimate in the social media world, will benefit tremendously from a custom designed Facebook page app. So why is a custom designed Facebook page app so beneficial for businesses?

1. Express Your Company’s Vision and Uniqueness – Your business is unique and you want to express how it can offer a service or product that none of your competitors can. An excellent way to do that is with a custom designed Facebook fan page app. You can highlight the vision and services of your company in the best light possible, helping your customers to see the value of your business.

2. Catch Your Customers’ Attention – Because social media and the Internet as a whole is filled with a continuous stream of visual stimulation for your customers and potential customers, it is important for your business’ Facebook fan page to stand out and what better way to do that than through a custom designed Facebook fan page app?

3. Order Your Facebook Fan Page in a Way that Informs the Customer Effectively – When a business creates a Facebook fan page they do it so they can effectively communicate and inform the public about specific information that the company wants to express. A custom designed Facebook fan page tab can help to do that by ordering the fan page in a way to highlight specific information in exactly the order your business needs it to be.

4. Get More Options – When a Facebook fan page designer creates an app tab for your business they can open a whole new level of options for your business so that you can include more information than ever before. One company that has used a custom designed fan page to do just that is Del Villaggio, we were able to set them up with an custom app tab that allows visitors to make reservation bookings for the restaurant through Facebook as well as view a video page showcasing the delicious food available at Del Villaggio.

5. Better Ease of Use on Your Facebook Fan Page and Familiarity for Your Customers – With a custom designed Facebook fan page app your business can create a user friendly Facebook page that allows your customer to get around easily, making it a place that they are far more likely to spend significant time perusing about the fan page. Also, tying your branding together with a custom page containing your company colours, logo and general branding creates a familiar-looking space that your visitors can feel comfortable viewing.

6. Entice More Visitors To “Like” Your Facebook Fan Page – Some businesses like to have a ‘fan-gate’ feature that asks visitors to hit the “Like” button before being shown the custom fan page app such as this fan page we set up for MintCRM. With enticing content and a steady stream of “Likes” your business will be able to begin making serious headway in the social media world.

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