50 Twitter Tips

Want to get more followers and increase engagement on Twitter? Or … just want to make sure people don’t think you’re a space case on Twitter?

Either way, here’s a massive list of 50 Twitter tips that will make you a more effective Twitter user, and that you wish you knew years ago.

Optimizing Your Twitter Profile

1) Make yourself easy to recognize by using a close-up headshot of yourself as your profile picture.

2) Make the most of your Twitter bio. Show off your skills and uniqueness without over-hashtagging.

3) Twitter’s new profile design dimensions: header photo = 1500 x 500 px | profile pic = 400 x 400 px.

4) Include your URL in your Twitter bio, not just the URL field, to optimize for mobile users.

What You Should Tweet

5) Structure your tweets like this to increase clicks: KEY MESSAGE – LINK #HASHTAG AFTERTHOUGHT

6) Don’t be entirely self-promotional on Twitter. Mix up your content and interact with your followers.

7) Establish yourself as an industry thought leader by adding commentary to the links you tweet.

8) Try keeping tweets short — 100 characters instead of 140 — to let people add their own commentary.

9) Curate content you tweet from a wide variety of sources to keep your followers interested.

10) Let your personality shine on Twitter. Tweet funny/interesting content along with the business content.

11) Share images in your tweets to increase engagement, since images now appear inline on Twitter.

12) Be real. It’s okay to tweet mundane things like weather commentary or what you’re eating SPARINGLY.

Increasing Twitter Engagement

13) Engage with others and show appreciation for their tweets by using the favorite button as a “like.”

14) Be responsive on Twitter, not a robot. If someone asks you a question on Twitter, answer it!

15) If you retweet every single tweet you’re mentioned in, followers will think you crave attention.

16) If someone regularly retweets or replies to you, add them to a list so you can return the favour.

17) Twitter is a two-way conversation. Tweet questions to encourage your followers to interact with you.

18) Nobody HAS to share your content on Twitter. So if someone authoritative retweets you, thank them.

19) Run Twitter contests using hashtags to increase engagement quickly. It’s gratifying to win!

Making Sense of the Chaos

20) You don’t have to follow back everyone that follows you. Doing so would clutter your stream.

21) Use hashtags (#) to join relevant conversations and make your tweets easy to find.

22) Use lists grouped by industry or topic to follow people you want to pay attention to on Twitter.

23) Create public Twitter lists (vs. private) so members know when they’re added and likely reciprocate.

24) Save time by using tools like Tweetdeck or HubSpot’s Social Inbox to schedule tweets for the week.

25) Blocking people doesn’t “block” them from your tweets, but removes them from your Twitter stream.

Avoiding Silly Twitter Mistakes

26) Don’t tweet at people with links to your blog hoping to get their attention. That’s called spam.

27) Don’t send auto-DMs. Ever. No exceptions. Just don’t do it. If you do, people will unfollow you.

28) Don’t #overuse #hashtags #in #your #tweets. Limit yourself to 1-3 hashtags per tweet.

29) If you favorite every tweet someone is mentioned in, even via automation, you’ll seem like a stalker.

30) Don’t gripe on Twitter. People like to surround themselves with positive people, not complainers.

31) Long personal chats should happen over DM. Otherwise whoever follows both of you will be inundated with your tweets in their Twitter stream!

32) Don’t repeatedly follow and unfollow Twitter users seeking attention. They will notice … in a bad way.

Optimizing Your Twitter Stream

33) Use landscape-oriented images on Twitter, using approximately a 2:1 dimension, for the best appearance on the Twitter feed.

34) Try incorporating an image into every three to four tweets so they’re more prominent in a user’s feed.

35) Track which tweets get more replies, retweets, favorites, and clicks. Use this data to influence future tweets.

36) B2C brands report 17% more engagement on weekends. B2B see better engagement Monday – Friday.

37) Share important tweets four times throughout the day using different angles to cover all time zones.

38) If Twitter is your morning task, schedule tweets throughout the day instead of posting them all at once.

Getting More Twitter Followers

39) Measure your Twitter success not by your number of followers, but by the quality and level of engagement.

40) Follow twenty people with similar interests per day. That’s not overwhelming, and reciprocal followers will add up quickly.

41) Tweet about Twitter itself to get more followers. @HubSpot’s most-shared content is about Twitter.

42) Don’t follow more than a couple hundred people per day. Twitter might mistake you for a spam bot and suspend your account!

Having Good Twitter Etiquette

43) If you wouldn’t say something to someone’s face, don’t say it to them on Twitter.

44) Don’t try to start arguments with people on Twitter. A friendly debate is fine, but respect others’ opinions.

45) Don’t be a troll on Twitter, no matter how angry you are. For most, Twitter isn’t really anonymous, and your public anger could come back to haunt you later.

46) If you tweet spoilers while live-tweeting TV shows or sporting events, use the right hashtag so people can filter it out.

Optimizing Your Blog for Twitter

47) Optimize your blog post titles so when people tweet them, they’re catchy enough for people to click on the links.

48) Add social sharing buttons like AddThis to your blog to make each post easy for readers to tweet.

49) Use Click to Tweet to provide bits of text in your blog posts readers can tweet in a single click.

50) Don’t overthink your tweets. If tweeting for a company, be agile without implementing a huge approval process.